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Stuff We’re Digging: Going Hygge

Stuff We’re Digging is a recurring Garden Collage feature where a member of our staff spotlights a collection of intriguing new products from the world of gardening, wellness, mindfulness, and/or beauty. Some of these items can be found in the GC Shop, while others are simply beautiful discoveries worth coveting. This week, GC consultant and partner at Milkshake Studio Simon Goetz spotlights his go-to products for surviving a cold New York City winter. Shop the story, below.


It’s winter in New York City– grey, cold, and that time of year where being hygge is my main goal. While hygge has no direct translation to english, it’s interpreted as that warm cozy feeling you get when you’re comfortable. After living in Denmark, I’ve added a few crucial additions to my interpretation– cooking, drinking, and friends.

In order to ensure you have everything you need for the next NYC snow storm (and there will be one), I’ve gathered a list of products to keep you hygge. To start, you can’t be warm and cozy without candles, so I picked the Mineral Wax Candle from Kerzon’s Parisian. Before you get too comfortable you will need to cook, and to do that you will need a few things: Carbon Steel Skillet, The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, a Blackline Butcher Block, and the Milton Brook Range Unglazed Mortar and Pestle. Now, I don’t expect you to take cooking as a chore, so we have a David Lehmann Decanter to make sure you always have some wine in your glass, and the B&O PLAY Flexible Wireless Speaker to help set that hygge mood… No Christmas music please. For those non-wine drinkers, I’ve got you covered as well. Place an ice ball from the Sphere Ice Ball Maker into your H2O Double Whiskey Glass, and pour over your favorite whiskey. I recommend the Hibiki 12 Year. Shop the story, above.

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