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GC Presents: Our Monthly Inspirations for August

Every month the Garden Collage team curates its creative and editorial direction around a series of three themes– visual and conceptual direction that coheres around botanical topics and trends of the moment. For August 2016, we are looking to inspiration points both old and new: “Plants & Muses”, “The Modern Nomad”, and “The Grass Is Always Greener…” Check out our mood boards and concept visions, below. We love hearing from our readers, so we welcome you to join us on this journey of creative exploration!  

Plants & Muses

From early Renaissance paintings to modern interpretations of the floral dress, flowers have been shaped and transformed by the artists who’ve depicted them for generations. Henri Matisse is famous for the monstera plants he once cultivated in his studio; Yves Saint Laurent travelled often to Marrakech in search of botanical muses; and Tom Ford continues to be inspired by rare breeds of black orchids.

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Artists, designers, photographers, and other creatives have found countless ways to interpret and re-interpret plants over the years. This month, we celebrate the enduring subject of “Plants & Muses” as the first of this month’s three themes.


The Modern Nomad

Most of the global population no longer lives as roving hunter-gatherers, but the modern nomad travels constantly– there is barely time to take care of house plants! What are the best plants to buy when you travel, and how can you keep these plants alive? GC’s second theme of the month, “The Modern Nomad” will look to this and also to other innovative ways that the garden has gone global and mobile– from floral trucks to modern foraging and every wearable succulent in between. 


The Grass is Always Greener…

We are not only giving tips on how to take care of your lawn or the health benefits of wheat grass. For our “The Grass Is Always Greener…” theme, GC is taking a look at new sustainable living spaces and concepts that inspire improvement– including the new aesthetics of astroturf, wild lawns, urban redevelopment, and much, much more. 

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