Andreana Bitsis

Floral Jewelry For Your BFF: A New Twist on Friendship Bracelets

This Saturday marks International Friendship Day, an official holiday proclaimed in 2011 by the U.N. to celebrate and encourage building peace and community between countries. In particular, the holiday hopes to foster respect and camaraderie among young people.

In the spirit of the holiday and summer, we decided to do a GC take on friendship bracelets, the summer camp staple that no childhood is complete without. Flower bracelets are a fun nature activity for kids that involve color, texture, and embracing the splendor of the season. Have kids take a friend around the garden, to see what they find, and encourage them to share with each other what they like about each plant they pick. You can also purchase a small, mixed bunch of flowers from your local florist (we recommend lisianthus because you’ll get a lot per stem) and have Lil’ Sprouts make a bracelet not just for good friends, but for those they want to get to know better.

Friendship Day Garden Collage 1

Andreana Bitsis

To make the floral bracelets, we downsized our floral crowns and applied the same technique. Simply take a piece of thick, flexible wire (enough to wrap 3/4 of the way around the wrist), twist a loop in the wire at each end, tie a piece of ribbon at each loop, and attach flowers by wrapping their stems along the wire using florist’s tape (make sure the tape is nice and tight!). At the end of the day, you can hang the bracelet upside down and let it dry to enjoy the beauty– and the love it honors– all year.

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