Andreana Bitsis

Embrace Fall With This Dried Flower Mobile

As of September 22nd, Fall has officially arrived. The air has turned for the cooler, and summer gardens are ebbing, green giving way to oranges and yellows. To savor those last traces of summer splendor, we decided to make a flower mobile, perfect for Lil’ Sprouts to deck out their space in anticipation of Fall and the (thankfully still distant) winter season. As far as nature crafts go, making a flower mobile is pretty straightforward and leaves (no pun intended) a lot of room for creative improvisation. Make this craft into an outdoor adventure by going out into your garden to collect flowers and other sprigs of plants, or by salvaging wood from your local park.


Andreana Bitsis


  • dried flowers
  • twine
  • sticks
  • cloth scraps


  1. Gently clean off a long, straight stick using a slightly damp paper towel.
  2. Tie each end of a scrap of cloth or a piece of twine to either end of the stick.
  3. Using twine, bind together several sprigs of dried or fresh flowers and plants. Roughly measure how low you would like the plants to hang from the stick and add an extra inch or two so you can tie it around the middle.
  4. Tie the plants to the stick. We recommend varying the length of the twine.
  5. Hang on a bare wall, or anywhere else that needs a little extra nature.
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