Andreana Bitsis

The Botany Salon Transformed A Secret Brooklyn Venue Into A Hidden Garden Oasis

On Thursday, October 13th the Garden Collage team partnered with publisher of the creative arts Phaidon to transform a secret Brooklyn venue into a beautiful garden salon to honor the book launch of Plant: Exploring the Botanical WorldThe Botany Salon, which was held at the Secret Alley Carriage House in Brooklyn, was a gorgeous and decadently-curated affair, with hanging moss installations, lush vines, a “bouquet bar”, succulent gardens, floral dinnerware, a bespoke menu inspired by modern botanics, and floral cocktails thoughtfully crafted by Sam Anderson. 

“We want to encourage people to foster green spaces and gardens in their own communities,” emphasized Daisy Helman, Founder and CEO of Garden Collage in her opening remarks at the event. Both brands invited international experts to discuss their muses and the prism of perspectives that one can take on the world of botany.

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Andreana Bitsis

Presenters included Sacha Walckhoff, Designer and Creative Director at Christian Lacroix, Paris; Patricia Jonas, Contributor to Plant: Exploring the Botanical World and Exhibitions Committee Chair of the American Society of Botanical Artists; Annie Novak, Author of The Rooftop Growing Guide and Manager of Edible Academy at the New York Botanical Garden, and Chelsea Leyland, DJ, Cultural Trendsetter, and public advocate for medicinal plants.

In the course of the evening Ella Stavinsky, GC’s in-house florist, transformed the venue into an eccentric wonderland decked out with plant-based décor that also incorporated select products from Garden Collage’s newly-launched shop, which fosters our mission of encouraging a garden-inspired lifestyle. (And you can still shop our latest products here!) Planta Baja LLC, our venue partners, were gracious in overseeing that the transformation came magically to life.


Andreana Bitsis

Among the attendees were Phaidon owner Debra Black and COO Philip Ruppel; Darroch and Michael Putnam; Melissa Ozawa, Features Editor at Martha Stewart Living; Kelsey Keith, Editor-in-Chief at Curbed; Amy Merrick; Erica Choi; Melanie Yates, Home Decor Editor at Hearst Digital Media; Adam Rathe, Articles Director, Town & Country; Jordan Salcito, Sommelier to Momofuku; and Barbara Corcoran, VP for Continuing and Public Education at the New York Botanical Garden.

Check out the video below, where we’ve shared a peek at this wondrous evening.

Special thanks to Saratoga Water, Health-Ade Kombucha, Evian, Vista Alegre, and Lyft, without whom the salon would not have been possible.

Thank you to all who came out to this beautiful event!

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