Listen to the Latest GC Playlist: Treehouse Rock

The phrase “Treehouse Rock” surely conjures associations with the animated music education series Schoolhouse Rock!, whose first episode ran on January 6, 1973, before continuing on to reach peak visibility in the mid-1990’s– a time when now-iconic sing-a-longs like the beloved “I’m Just a Bill” song became household jingles.

On of GC’s themes for the month of July is Summer Nights— a celebration of those uniquely gorgeous, languorous summer evenings that are best spent outside. We’re proud of the fact that our “Treehouse Rock” playlist consists exclusively of songs that contain references to trees— both titular and thematic. The latest GC Playlist includes music from Foals, Iron & Wine, Radiohead, Neon Trees, Milo Green, José González, Enya, and even Joni Mitchell. Listen to it, below– and see if you can spot the tree references!

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