Molly Beauchemin

Listen to the Latest GC Playlist: As Heard in Paris

This week’s GC Playlist features an array of music that can be heard on the streets and in stores around Paris: Portishead, Fairuz, Serge Gainsbourg, CAN, Brigitte Fontaine, Max Berlin, Fela Kuti, and many others.

One of GC’s themes for the month of June is Le Parfumeur— a tribute to the profound influence that gardens and nature exert over the beauty industry (especially in Paris, where personal care products are revered like oxygen underwater). From perfume to shampoo and every face wash and body oil in between, plants are the inherent source of all pharmaceuticals and bioactive compounds, and this month we will be telling stories that harken to this under-explored aspect of the beauty world. As part of our research on this topic, GC recently took a trip to Paris (home to several of the world’s most famous parmueurs), and this is the music we encountered. Listen to our “As Heard in Paris” playlist, below.

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