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Make These Adorable Floral Barrettes for Picture Day

Looking for the perfect floral accessory for picture day? Try making these cute floral barrettes and bobbies! Encourage Lil’ Sprouts to get creative with color and texture as they embrace their own distinct style. We recommend using blushing bride protea, globe amaranth, or roses, which all dry well and will stand the test of time (and more importantly, recess). With summer winding down, this plant-based DIY makes for a fun, seasonal, and functional afternoon nature craft that you’ll be able to look back on for years to come.

Floral Barrettes 6

Andreana Bitsis



  1. Making bespoke floral barrettes is as easy as it looks! First, cut the stems off your flowers of choice so that the base of each bloom lies flat on a horizontal surface.
  2. Cover both the base of the flower and the barrette each with super glue, and allow to thoroughly adhere before placing in hair. (Let dry for about 24 hours.)
  3. Say cheese!
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