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Social Commentary Everywhere Explores Why Millennials Love Houseplants

It's true... they do.

2017 has been an interesting year for Americans– especially American millennials, who according to various studies are more food-conscious, environmentally-conscious, and brand-savvy than any of their older or younger counterparts.

In the same year that Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of The Paris Accord, millennials bought more houseplants (and locally-grow food!) than any other age demographic. Part of this emerging trend has to do with the fact that houseplants are easier to care for than pets, and many millennials are just now starting to have enough disposable income to buy them. Plus, plants make young people feel needed when they aren’t buying homes or having kids.

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The urge to become a “plant parent”, moreover, is a desire increasingly unique to children of the 90’s. Below, writers at several publications explore why.

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Letter of Recommendation: Pothos — The New York Times

“But a leading theory is that plants make us feel like grown-ups. When the traditional signs of adulthood — marriage, homeownership, children — are delayed or otherwise out of reach, it’s comforting to come home to something that depends on you.”

Why Are Millennials Obsessed With Houseplants? — NYLON

“There are a number of reasons why the 20- and 30-something set is attempting to turn their black thumbs green, one of which is location… As any metropolitan non-west coast dweller will tell you, with tiny spaces and finicky seasons, exposure to nature is often minimal. Which is where houseplants come into play.”

Why millennials are becoming proud plant parents — The Toronto Star

“Lack of time and limited space can also explain millennials growing interest in houseplants. This segment of the population is working longer hours and a higher proportion are living in condos that often regulate pet ownership, making plants a cheaper, easier alternative.”

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Millennials take their turn at gardening — The Olympian

“Another reason for the interest in herbs and vegetables is the need to experiment with different ethnic and healthy eating recipes…The biggest change is that these new gardeners want their garden and to eat it, too.”

Millennials ♥ Plants? — The Billfold

“This article points mostly towards Instagram as a driving force behind the millennial plant boom– plants look great on Instagram– but also notes that a lot of the impetus behind the blossoming (sorry) plant interest is because millennials are too cramped and too busy to take care of anything else… Plants are a means of testing out the responsibilities of adulthood, with a much lower financial and emotional investment.”

More herbs, more indoors: Millennials shape gardening trends for 2017 — PennLive

“She’s noticed that increasing numbers of Millennials (ages 18 to 34) are embracing gardening– especially food gardening– for reasons including locally-sourced foods, sustainability and wellness…. She adds that millennials also are interested in using indoor plants decoratively for a calm and peaceful environment.”

One thing millennials aren’t killing: The plant industry — Austin360

“House plants can also help spruce up a space as modern, clean and simple home design becomes trendier… Young people also use plants as a form of expression…’Plant parents’ know no age limit. ”

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

7 Things Beyond Basic Produce Millennials Are Planting Now — HGTV

“Beyond indoor farming, though, indoor plants, cocktail gardens and small-space-friendly greenery appeal to the post-grad set for their multi-purpose natures. Indoor plants improve air quality and enliven a stark, one-window apartment. Cocktail gardens supply fresh garnishes for drinks and flavorful add-ins for home-cooked meals. Small space gardening solutions offer privacy and unique decorative accents (indoors or out).”

How houseplants charmed a new generation of gardeners — The Telegraph

“Numerous studies suggest houseplants help with everything from lowering blood pressure to increasing concentration… So if the house is looking a little bare, what better time to green up your interior with health-giving, mood-lifting, life-enhancing houseplants?”

Love living the ‘green’ life? Read our article about the health benefits of house plants or check out our infographic of the best air-purifying plants for your home or office.

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