Bouquet of the Week: Flora Gone Rove

As part of our recurring Bouquet of the Week series, Garden Collage continues to present a weekly inspirational bouquet that incorporates intriguing new elements into the traditional practice of flower arranging. This week, Garden Collage Copy Editor Taylor Morgan styles a bouquet as a reminder that you can always bring the garden into your life– even as you wonder.

The average American spends approximately 101 minutes per day driving, according to Harvard Health Watch. This is to say that on average, we spend just over 614 hours a year in our cars. That’s a signifiant amount of time, but nothing compared to those who endure freeways that are crowded 24 hours a day. The American Highway Users Alliance reported that 11 of the 30 worst bottleneck areas are in the Greater Los Angeles area. As a result, Californians have a close bond with their Bluetooth and music. But then there are days when you crave silence within this high-tech apparatus, you’re almost smooched by a sleep-driving leviathan, and you just want the kind of comfort and solitude that you find within the garden. This bouquet is for you. Two bunches of Hypericum berries, two Gerbera daisy, two mini tangerine-hued roses, and a single ‘Flame Giant’ pincushion were my go-to flowers as I designed a bouquet for the car.

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I began with a pincushion because I recently fell in love with the flower at the Resendiz Brothers Farm on Rainbow Creek Road. Pincushions love full sun exposure and they are drought-tolerant— this was ideal for me as we’ve had record-setting high temperatures this week in Southern California. Next, I reached for the Gerbera daisy, as ever since I was little this flower has left me awestruck with its faultless perfection and symmetry. Moving on from that selection, I grabbed two tiny roses that had just arrived at my local florist. I knew they would quickly bloom when exposed to heat, but part of me wanted to usher this immediate time-lapse forward and observe it as I drove. The final touch of Hypericum– otherwise known as St. John’s Wort— was added to bring this bouquet together. I wanted the arrangement to feel full and not lonely, as there would come a time when I would have to bid it adieu.


The flowers were arranged to fill a recycled kombucha bottle that I’ve filled with water plenty of times and secured in my cup holder. As I began my day’s journey, I smiled upon reflecting that this simple creation gave me so much joy. Each time I parked I looked for shade, and when I was unable to snag a bosky spot, I just let the flowers be. Upon returning to my car each time, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they remained, even in the heat. Today, I discovered yet another way to bring the garden into my life.

For optimal results, spritz your flowers before locking your car and upon your return. Their shelf life is 3-5 days, contingent on your tender love and care.

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