Events We Love: Find Your Botanical Bliss at Detroit Flower Week

For one week in October, Detroit is transforming into a floral promised land. Lisa Waud, the mind behind Detroit Flower House and the creative spirit running Pot + Box, has put together a jam-packed schedule of flower-themed events running from October 11th through the 15th. “During the installation and exhibition of Flower House, there wasn’t much time to get to know all the extraordinary designers and volunteers because we were so busy filling the house with flowers!” Waud admitted. “My goal with Detroit Flower Week is to bring everyone together again, but with more time to inspire one another.”

Making up for lost time, programming runs each day from 7 AM (always beginning with yoga and coffee) to 8 PM and covers a range of topics, from botanical couture to large scale floral installations, with options for amateurs and aficionados alike. Guided tours of the city are also available, and the botanical marketplace is open most of the day. A dinner on Saturday, October 15 in the Detroit Public Library will close out the weeklong celebration, focusing on the slow flower movement and highlighting a Joseph Massie installation that’s sure to be one of the week’s most snapchatted events.

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For more information on Detroit Flower Week, visit the event’s website.

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