Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

Floral Baths Have Officially Taken Over Instagram

And it's easy to see why...

An herbalist once told me that “bathing is the most sacred act of healing”. An alchemist later reminded me that baths help nourish introverts and people with a lot of tension or anxiety, because they help comfort us and restore feelings of ease.

Baths are often used in rituals and by athletes and parents, too– marathoners and olympic athletes look to ice baths and epsom salt baths to heal tired, sore muscles, and babies are often bathed as part of a nighttime sleep ritual. From baptism to #SelfCareSunday, baths are a classic way to unwind that has pervaded culture since seemingly the beginning of time, and now floral baths are the latest rage among those looking to enhance their “me” time.

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Instead of surrounding themselves with candles and reading magazines under a massive pile of suds, people who take floral baths opt for a more minimal experience that focuses on the beauty and wonder of flowers, plants, and the luxurious natural scents that these botanical elements can provide. A basic floral baths involves adding a little milk and non-foaming bath soap to the water (milk softens the skin, while soap cleans) and sprinkling the top of the water with rose petals, peonies, or any other luxurious flower of choice. Use it as an opportunity to meditation, or make it a ritual bath if that’s your jam. In either case, the experience is sure to be beautiful– and that, studies show, has its own health benefits.

Check out some of our favorite #flowerbath inspo, below.

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