Rebecca Louise Law’s Garten Exhibit Springs Up (From The Ceiling)

This weekend is the last chance to catch Rebecca Louise Law‘s incredible Garten (the German word for “garden”) at the concept mall Bikini Berlin. Over 30,000 cut flowers hang from the ceiling, suspended along thin copper wires and covering 1,550 square feet. “The installation is designed to be an inviting, enchanting celebration of the outdoors and of spring color,” Rebecca Louise Law told Design Boom. The installation gathers orchids, daisies, and other brightly-colored blooms to create a vibrant design that looks almost like a sea of lights, illuminating Bikini Berlin’s main atrium. See the photos below– and yes, they really are this beautiful. 

Law has made a name for herself as a floral artist, using natural materials like flowers, stones, and wood in large format works. Her pieces have been featured in Times Square, Sotheby’s, and other international locations, though this marks her first appearance in Germany. Like Garten, many of her pieces play on the relationship between humans and nature, and how the two interact in unexpected spaces and from different perspectives. Last year, she created an upside-down meadow of flowers and grasses for the Chelsea Flower Show, which moved gently, just as real meadows do. 

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Having been on display for almost a month (the exhibit opened March 23rd), most of the flowers in the Garten installation are now dried– creating a unique atmosphere, different from what visitors experienced at the opening of the show. Part of Law’s intent is to honor the beauty of these flowers from freshly-cut to long dried. The exhibit closes May 1st, so whether you’ve been before or have yet to go, be sure to catch this before it’s too late!

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