Grow Your Own “Secret Garden” with Garden Collage Seed Paper

Now that you’ve received your Garden Collage seed paper, we just wanted to let you in on a little secret: this garden is as easy to grow as it is to plant– and because the seeds come from wildflowers, the results are always a surprise!

Grow Your Own GC Wildflower Garden

  • Place the seed paper or match sticks under 1/8 inch of fresh soil– it can be in a pot on your fire escape or outdoors on a farm; as long as there is sunlight, your seed paper will flourish!
  • If you decide to plant your paper in a pot, simply place the container in a sunny area and water it often (at least once a day, especially in the hot summer months).
  • In no time, the wildflowers will bloom, and you’ll be treated to a garden that’s a surprise until the very last buds open.

Plantable seed paper works because the material used for seed cards is biodegradable. Since the paper was made with post-consumer material, no trees were harmed in the making of these cards. The paper quickly composts away after it is planted, which allows the seeds to flourish without waste.

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Share the results of your paper planting by taking a picture of your flowers and using the #GardenCollage hashtag, or tag @gardencollage along with your photo on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you grow, and we’ll share the best results!

You can also try your hand at Guerilla Gardening by planting our seed-laden matchboxes at your local park and following up in a few weeks to see what grows. We promise the results will be beautiful and simple–just like gardening itself.

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