Andreana Bitsis

How to Style an All-Green Bouquet for Saint Patrick’s Day

Broccoli, limes, and lemon leaves are not off-limits.

This Saint Patrick’s Day, our favorite florist Ella (of Ask Ella fame) styled an incredible green bouquet in honor of the occasion.

Instead of drawing on the holiday’s typical four-leaf clovers and shamrocks, Ella used exclusively green elements you might find at your local grocery store: broccoli, limes, parsley, arugula, thyme, and geraniums stalks.

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Ella St. Patrick

Andreana Bitsis

By utilizing only greens, we wanted to celebrate all the different textures and hues that the leafier parts of bouquets often have–beautiful subtleties in their own right, but ones which often get overpowered and cast aside by dramatic flowers.

Constructing the bouquet was a fun challenge, so we decided to expand the limitation to include green elements outside the realm of foliage (that’s where the limes and broccoli came into play).

The result is a stunning arrangement that wouldn’t look out of place on an elegant dining table. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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