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How to Make Your Own Flower Crowns

We recently paid homage to the history of the flower crown in our Cinco de Mayo tribute to Frida Kahlo, but flower crowns are not just for weddings or special occasions: adorning one’s body with flowers is a tradition that dates back over 25,000 years, and with the nascent rise of flower crown culture at music festivals, bridal events, and other celebrations, it’s clearly a trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

"Garden Collage And Phaidon Celebrate Floral Salon"

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At the Garden Collage Floral Salon on May 4th, we had a flower crown making station dedicated to this age-old craft. Flower crowns are a Garden Collage tradition, so we wanted to give you some tips on how to make them at home.

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  • sturdy jewelry wire in a metallic tone of your choice
  • silk or lace ribbon in a color of your choice
  • neutral green floral tape (to match the color of the stems)
  • gardening shears
  • fresh flowers in various colors and sizes (try to get organic/no spray varieties since you’ll be wearing these near your face)


  1. Once the materials are assembled, you’ll trim the stems of the flowers you want to use to about 1/2″.
  2. Next, curve about 8 inches of jewelry wire into the shape of your head, by positioning it like a headband on your crown. At each end of the wire, create a teardrop shape and twist the loop closed (this is where you’ll attach the ribbon to tie the headband to your head).
  3. Assemble the flowers in your desired pattern across the wire, and use the floral tape to secure them (don’t be shy about wrapping it a few times around the wire, so that the flowers won’t slip).
  4. Once finished aligning the flowers on the crown, tie about 6 inches of ribbon to each loop at the end of the wire, then set the piece on the top of your crown and use the ribbon to tie it in place. Voilà! 
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