This Valentine’s Day, GC and Flower Girl NYC Present Gorgeous Floral Baskets

Garden Collage and Flower Girl NYC are pleased to announce a new collaboration, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Custom made in France and exclusive to Garden Collage Magazine, our handcrafted flower basket comes with a fresh floral arrangement from local favorite Flower Girl NYC, which is available to purchase just in time for the holiday. Purchase an exclusive arrangement in our beautiful, ethically-sourced baskets here.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

GC Readers may remember Denise Porcaro of Flower Girl NYC from our previous bouquet giveaway and Florist Friday interview with the florist, but lately we can’t get enough of her bright, lush creations. In honor of our latest collaboration, we caught up with Porcaro to discuss her most memorable Valentine’s Day arrangement, current floral trends for V-Day, and why it’s important for guys to order their Valentine’s Day flowers early.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

GC: Have you ever had a crazy Valentine’s Day request?

DP: ​We had a special request that wasn’t too lofty, but rather so last minute which is what made it memorable. There was a regular male client/flower lover– we actually used to do weekly flowers in his home for years and years. We couldn’t say no to him when he requested, day of, 12 dozen white roses ONLY! for a new love interest. We totally made it work, however it depleted all of our white roses for the holiday. It’s just a nice lesson that in business (and in life), we can plan and plan and be so organized but are reminded that the universe sometimes has its own plans that are out of our control.

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GC: Have you seen a movement away from roses for Valentine’s Day? Is there a new popular flower emerging?

DP: ​It’s funny, around this holiday over the years, we see a clear divide. There are the classic romantics who want red roses and then the folks that call in and want anything but the color red or roses. It is actually how our “not red, not roses” (plain and simple!!) Valentine’s Day special was born a few years ago. The classics always seem to triumph over keeping it simple, so roses usually win!

GC: What is your favorite vessel to work with at the moment?

DP: We have a special vessel this year which our “make him or her blush” Valentine’s Day special, comes in which is new to us this year and a keepsake more than a regular vase is for the future. It’s super sweet.

GC: What Valentine’s Day flower advice would you give to guys who know nothing about flowers?

DP: Order in advance! Also: Call us! We are here to help you– don’t sweat it as there is something for everyone, even the ‘gents, as well as every phase of relationship. People love to receive flowers– fresh blooms are really well received even if you have something else planned for your lover.​


Order your GC x Flower Girl NYC basket bouquet here.

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