Photo: Nancy Borowick via Edible Schoolyard

Edible Schoolyard NYC Presents: Learning To Love Greens

“Stories From The Ground” is an ongoing Edible Schoolyard NYC series that spotlights the people, places, and personalities behind ESYNYC’s mission to make nourishing, healthy food more accessible to children in New York City. The GC Team are huge supporters of ESYNYC, and together we are working to educate, advocate, and support the community members who play a role in making this vision a reality. Below, Kendell, a 7th grader in East Harlem talks about how ESYNYC has changed his cooking and eating habits.

With three years of experience in Edible Schoolyard NYC garden and kitchen classes, Kendell has mastered growing and cooking his own food. When he first started, he didn’t even want to try vegetables. “I thought it would taste bad,” he says. Now, at 12 years old, his favorite vegetable is broccoli and he gets excited about Harvest Soup, made with winter roots and greens, which he makes at home with his mom.

“I always try new things.”

He feels confident that he can make any recipe, and his best kitchen skill is the “bear claw” an essential hand position for knife safety. “I never used to like eating vegetables before I came here, but now I like them. I always try new things.”

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This article originally appeared on Edible Schoolyard NYC’s website, and has been reproduced and shared here with permission.

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