Events We Love: Live Your Goth Dream And Walk The Night With Bats

The Austin bats may get a lot of the hype, but the NYC bats are as cool– they’re just a little harder to spot.

Fortunately, the American Museum of Natural History wants to help you out. During July and the beginning of August, members of the New York Bat Group (yes! it’s real! and no, it isn’t a front for vampires…we think) will be leading walks through Central Park using special detectors to amplify the bats’ “high frequency chirps” (that’s the scientific term, folks).

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While bats are often associated with Halloween more than anything else, they are actually important year round, as they are an integral feature of the pollinator system; some five hundred species rely on bats for pollination, including common crops like mango, banana, and chocolate.

At the time of writing, two of the four dates have already sold out– we told you it is cool!

Walks begin at the Museum entrance on 77th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. To purchase tickets and learn more, visit the American Museum of Natural History’s website.

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