Events We Love: Radical Mycology

In the era of Monsanto, seeds suits, and the frightening scale of big agra, Radical Mycology offers a way for anyone to take charge of their backyard destiny.

A registered 501(c)3, Radical Mycology is a social philosophy and organization whose mission is to provide “accessible information on the easiest and most effective means for working with mushrooms and other fungi to increase personal, societal, and ecological resilience.” Their goals are inherently political; as they outline on their website, they want to “discourage the exploitation of fungi, fungal remediation, and bioremediation by government and corporate interests.”

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In pursuit of this mission, Radical Mycology is running a series of cultivation courses across the United States. The fungi masterclasses kick off on July 14th in Boise, ID, and travel to the big geographic areas of the states (Midwest, Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Northeast) before ending in Seattle, WA on October 27th. Participants can look forward to learning basic skills like growing mycelium, and building on these foundations to understand how to integrate fungi into any lifestyle. The classes emphasize minimal waste and cost, and emphasize the multifaceted properties of fungi, from its uses in food, to medicine, to environmental remediation.

Already a mushroom expert? Check out the other events in Radical Mycology’s network– like the Pacific Northwest Mushroom FestivalIndigenous Wisdom and Permaculture Skills Convergence, or Women’s Mushroom Retreat— also taking place during the Summer and early Fall.

To learn more about Radical Mycology, or to purchase tickets to the events, visit their website.

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