5 Bill Nye Videos You Need to Revisit As An Adult

If you attended science class between 1993 and 2013, you probably watched at least one episode of Bill Nye the Science GuyBill Nye made science fun for kids– with just the right infusion of goofiness and over-the-top shenanigans. Even today, the episodes don’t feel dated– just rich in 90s/00s nostalgia. Below we compiled our favorite environmental science Bill Nye the Science Guy clips to share with your kids, when the weather prevents going outside. Check them out below!


In under two minutes, Bill Nye covers why different elevations have different temperatures in this “Consider the Following” classic.

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Ever wonder what causes those magnificent swirls of clouds across the Earth, artfully captured in space station photos? As always, Bill Nye has you covered.


Featuring the inimitable Queen Latifah, Bill Nye takes a peek at how insects work, complemented by plenty (and we do mean plenty) of puns.


Get the low down on why we have seasons in this under-five minute video, complete with visual gags and lots of silly sound effects.


Okay, so this clip doesn’t have much in the way of science, but it does have a grass covered car. Check out the full episode for some actual hard hitting science.

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