5 Great Environmental Science Youtube Channels (For Kids)

With winter now in full effect, it’s difficult to get your nature/outdoor fix. So why not take the time to learn about nature? Below we’ve put together a list of Youtube channels that focus on environmental education for kids, presenting scientific concepts in simple, child-appropriate terms. Want a little physics thrown in the mix? We’ve got you covered. Need some indoor science experiments to occupy snowy weekends? We’ve got them in spades. Just looking for short beautiful videos of the earth? We’ve got some of that too. Check out the list below– you may even learn a thing or two.

SciShow Kids

Twice a week, SciShow Kids presents an even blend of explanations, experts, and experiments (don’t worry– there’s plenty of indoor science DIYs for the colder weather!). The videos typically run around five minute and mostly cover environmental science and biology (like what the deal is with evergreens), but with some corollary physics thrown in for good measure. Human hosts and simple cartoons create an enjoyable mixed media experience for younger, elementary school audiences.

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Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids is a bi-weekly show that focuses on grade school science topics like Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Geography, Engineering, and Astronomy (the different topics are organized into channels, so you can focus on different areas selectively). Videos run around five minutes, and are sometimes compiled into longer series that address more complex topics (like food chains). The adorable animation style and cultural references peppered throughout make the videos highly approachable, and key terms are always spelled out with simple definitions to ensure complete takeaways.

National Geographic Kids


Of course, no list would be complete without mention of National Geographic Kids, one of the long standing sources of science education for younger audiences. With their incredible shots and high res imagery, Nat Geo Kids offers content even parents will enjoy. Topics range more broadly than other channels, but their animal playlists are unparalleled for amazing footage. Perfect for the animal lover!

Smart Learning for All

With its simple, colorful cartoons, Smart Learning for All brings the traditional sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics) to life in concise clips, usually no more than five minutes long. The short videos tend to address basic building block concepts in science, for example the theory of transpiration (which allows trees to take up water); others, are simply fun facts that answer slightly eccentric questions (like: “How do butterflies taste things?“).


With a focus on the planet and its organic life, MinuteEarth’s entirely animated channel addresses offbeat, niche mysteries (like how mushrooms make it rain). The simple stick figure style is narrated in basic vocabulary to ensure easy understanding. The perfect channel for extra-curious kids, who are always trying to figure out the more obscure workings of the world.

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