Grass Flip-Flops Grass Flip-Flops
Photo: Andreana Bitsis

These Grass Flip-Flops Are as Comfy as They Are Hilarious

A few months ago while researching a new breed of astroturf that looks like real grass, I came across a pair of grass-lined flip-flops that were designed to mimic the feel of real grass under one’s feet.

‘A portable feeling of bare-footedness? Sign me up!’ I thought while giggling at the prospect of what seemed like a simultaneously kitschy and alluring footware choice. Grass-lined flip-flops are designed to make it feel like you are not wearing shoes when you are. We ordered a few pairs for the office and now treat them as “house slippers” while working in our studio. Moreover, the GC Team loves KUSA shoes‘ grass flip-flops. They’re super comfortable and definitely cause anyone who comes into our NYC abode to do a double-take (most people leave wanting to order a pair for themselves). Check out a few of our staff members wearing them, below.

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