Harvard’s Iconic Glass Flowers Gallery Reopens This Weekend

Harvard’s iconic Glass Flowers Gallery at the Harvard Museum of Natural History has been undergoing an extensive renovation since last November. This Saturday, May 21st, it will reopen to the public to debut extensive model and case restoration, space renovation, and the installation of state-of-the-art lighting and display features.

To quote the gallery website:

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“One of the Harvard’s most famous treasures is the internationally acclaimed Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants, the “Glass Flowers.” This unique collection of over 4,000 models, representing more than 830 plant species, was created by glass artisans Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, a father and son from Dresden, Germany. The commission began with only a few models in 1886 and continued for five decades.”

Find more information on the gallery and its reopening here.

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