Andreana Bitsis

Our Latest Recommendation for Lil Sprouts Book Club: Nature’s Day

Lil’ Sprouts Book Club is a monthly Garden Collage feature where we spotlight nature- and garden-related books for kids age 2 and up that encourage green education. The books are designed to evoke the core mission of Garden Collage: to bring the garden (and nature) into people’s lives.


To celebrate the midpoint of the year, we decided to select a book for all seasons. Part reference manual, part story book, Kay Maguire and Danielle Kroll’s Nature’s Day offers an assortment of different observable outdoor phenomena for spring, summer, fall, and winter, and also for different parts of the neighborhood (like the street or the pond), as well.

Book Club Natures Day 2-2

Andreana Bitsis

The book comes in a satisfyingly large format, with little activities tucked into the edges. The illustrations richly evoke the ever-shifting character of the landscape. Charming, adorable, and informative, Nature’s Day is a one-stop shop for garden adventures, environmental education, and, most importantly: fun.

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