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Photo: Andreana Bitsis

How To (Properly) Store Fresh Produce in the Fridge

Wilted spinach and unripened peaches got you down? Never fear! We’ve put together a graphic that clearly shows where, when, and how to store various kinds of produce in the fridge– an increasingly overlooked aspect of how to mitigate food waste. (It’s true: the average American wastes 30% of the food they purchase, and a lot of that is spoiled is produce that results from a mismanaged fridge.) Leafy greens that can wilt, for example, should always be stored in a low-moisture produce drawer in the fridge; stone fruits like peaches and plums, on the other hand, should be ripened on the counter before you put them in the fridge, otherwise they will never arrive at the soft-but-not-too-mealy texture that fruit-lovers dream about. Got extra herbs? Be sure to store them with stems in a cup of water– just like a bouquet of flowers, the water will keep them fresher, longer.

Screenshot this graphic and post it on your fridge as an easy reference guide for how to store produce. The next time you go to the farmers market, make it a goal to use everything you buy. Food waste doesn’t have to be an inevitable fate– you just have to know how to store your goodies.

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Graphic: Eidia Moni Amin
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