New York’s Best Plant-Friendly Coffee Shops

Succulents and espresso? Count us in.

It’s no secret that New York City’s coffee scene is strong and that people are always asking for suggestions on where to go. So here are a few of the best plant-friendly coffee options in the city– places we love to go not only because they serve great coffee, but because you can drink it while admiring a succulent.

This list is far from exhaustive, but here are a few to get you started:

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L238317-R01-008A O Cafe, on 12th and 6th Avenue, serves coffee from Miami favorite Panther coffee, and focuses on recycling and taking care of the vines growing out of the wall and trees in the window. They’ve even been known to decorate their trees by filling the pots with gourds.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters at the ACE Hotel offers house-roasted direct trade coffee– and cult-beloved nitro coffee– amidst monsteras, firestick succulents, and shelves accented with potted plants. Stumptown also offers an array of sandwiches and pastries from other New York originals like Roberta’s Pizza, Ovenly (try their incredible peanut butter cookie!), Black Seed Bagel, and Donut Plant.

You can also keep the hotel cafe vibe going with a stop at PAPER Coffee at the MADE Hotel. This boutique neighborhood gem is defined by its rustic exposed wood furniture and stylish inclusion of potted succulents. Try their hot buttered americano then head up to Good Behavior, the hotel’s stunning, plant-filled 18th floor lounge, for evening drinks with a view of the city.

Devocion, the beloved Williamsburg staple, has one of the best plant walls we’ve ever seen and an indoor umbrella to really get the mood going. Go for the wall but stay for the coffee and the soothing fruit infusions (tea made with cut fruit that’s been steeped in hot water).

While in Williamburg, be sure to check out coffee lover hot spots Blue BottleToby’s Estate, and hip, plant-filled Sweatshop, each within a 10-minute walking radius from Bedford Avenue.

Sweatshop, which is run by Australians with the Tame Impala playlist to prove it, is known for its flat white, a traditional Kiwi-Australian coffee drink made by pouring microfoam milk into espresso. Purists take note: this cafe also serves vegemite– so if you’re coming from the UK or down under and missing a taste of home, this is the spot for you.


Just a few blocks north, the floral wallpaper at Bakeri‘s location in Greenpoint is, at this point, Instagram-famous– but that doesn’t make it any less worth seeing. The sun comes up through the doors at just the right angle in the morning, so you can get your coffee and granola and eat it with the sun dancing across your table.

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