Andreana Bitsis

Ask Ella: Easy Anemones

To say that the GC team likes anemones would be an understatement– we don’t “like” anemones: we love them. We were recently won over by the giant red anemone installation that brought an artistic perspective on this flower into the heart of Jerusalem, but in our own homes, anemones also reign supreme: they are so easy to care for, and virtually impossible to “mess up”. 

Ask Ella Anemones

Andreana Bitsis

Anemones look great overflowing from any vase, and part of that charm comes from the fact that they are a flower that looks good messy. They don’t like direct sun, especially if you want to keep them longer, and the only maintenance required for them to last a good 5-7 days is fresh water daily (or at least every other day, if you’re busy). Just remember to re-cut the stems every time you switch the water. We promise: the diligence will pay off.

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