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A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to Sunday: Quick Guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of those dreamy cities where everything just feels so right, especially on days when the sun is shining. The last time I was here in August, I left town with two new sweaters and a winter hat, so I wasn’t entirely sure what this trip had in store for me. On this latest trip I felt extra blessed to find the sun in full force and an entire city running around trying to soak up the last little bit of summer heat.
I know that people talk about formidable winters as being the one great obstacle in moving to Denmark, but it kind of feels like Copenhagen might be the perfect city. It just speaks to me. Something about the wide open parks, the bike lanes, the intentional food, the long jackets with sneakers, and the candy colored houses feels both romantic and fresh. Copenhagen is the kind of place where I would gladly wake up and marvel at the light and then watch my dad drink a coffee out of a ceramic soup bowl before heading off to a museum where children are climbing wooden sculptures and neighbors are jumping into the lake. So basically: idyllic is the word.
There are a few stops that are un-missable if you happen to head out on a short trip to Copenhagen, so here are a few of my favorites:
Atelier September is THE breakfast spot. There’s no other way to say it. It’s the spot. Go forth and breakfast. There are several truly fantastic, exceptional dining experiences in Copenhagen, and it can be overwhelming to try and decide which way is the right way. Amass Restaurant is the perfect choice for a later-day meal, with different tasting menu options and a caliber of food that persists in memory long after the visit is over. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is also a true museum oasis– fit for foodies and art lovers alike– and the Botanical Garden Greenhouse is actually heaven on Earth (so is the adjoining Alexander Calder Sculpture Park, which sits on a bluff overlooking North Zealand and the Danish Riviera). In Copenhagen, unlike most other European cities, the touristy stuff is actually worth it: so do it all. Visit Christiania hippie commune, bike around the city, check out some killer art museums and don’t forget to hit up Torvehallerne Market. Start your morning at Coffee Collective and get going, because every hour counts.
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