6 Gorgeous Bulbs That Will Beautify Any Garden

Just remember to order them ahead of time!

Late summer may be a time when people think of the garden winding down, but it’s very important to get your bulbs early in the season so you don’t miss out on your favorite varieties or specialty bulbs that tend to go fast. The best time of year to buy bulbs is before the season starts– usually in late winter, depending on your planting zone.

I recently ordered my favorite bulbs for my city roof deck garden, and I’m excited to plant them in my Siebert and Rice frost-proof pots. I never plan anything too ambitious for the city because of space limitations, but I do try to aim for something special and simple.

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“Snowdrops are the first bulbs to emerge each year, offering the eternal hope that spring has finally arrived.”

This year, I am going to copy a planting method I saw in Scotland last spring; In my big pots I am going to plant bulbs at different depths to create mini fields of mixed spring flowers, which blossom in succession. Here’s what I chose for this season:

I always order Alliums, which are my favorite– you don’t need very many to make a big impression, and they are wonderfully long-lasting. Globemaster are tall and sturdy, but they sell out fast– so be sure to order them early. The schebertii, meanwhile, are fabulous when dried, though they are a bit squat so they take up more space than the tall alliums and you should plan for that when planting. Unlike graph hyacinths, which create a mass of color as ground cover, the schebertii need their space.

I love, love, love, daffodils, which are ideal for small spaces; and I always order cheerfulness– they are compact, super fragrant, and a good bang for your buck. For Tulips I went with a queen of the night/bow tie mix from Colorblends. I topped off the order with snowdrops because I love that they are so delicate; they are the first bulbs to emerge each year, offering the eternal hope that spring has finally arrived.

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