Andreana Bitsis

Daisy’s Tips: Styling An Herb Corner

We wanted to put together an “herb corner” for a little section of the GC terrace that could use some TLC. The idea here is that plants and colorful furniture– especially in combination!– can work wonders to beautify a dark corner of any open-air space, no matter how tiny. At the core of our arrangement is a beautiful wooden box planted with two key plants: we used the “Super Sweet 100” cherry tomato because it works really well in pretty much any container garden, as well as Japanese eggplant (because it grows well and it’s prolific).


Andreana Bitsis

We added string beans because they grow all season, are super easy and great for kids, and in our terra cotta pots we have lemon thyme, lemon scented geranium, lavender, and sage— we styled them together to create a verdant mess– beautiful and inviting but not too “neat”. This is great decor for a little corner– we love these colorful chairs from Fermob! This is just what we need during these chilly May days: a little bit of warmth and a pop of color.

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