Molly Beauchemin

Daisy’s Tips: Inspired by The “New” California

After a month of living in Venice, Los Angeles, I came away completely inspired. There seems to be a new wave of the “new new” California– people living according to the principles of the ’60s and ’70s alongside modern technology. I felt it everywhere, from the juice bars to the incredible uptake in the quality of vegan food, to the community commitment to drought-responsible landscaping. Gardens everywhere seemed to be reorienting to focus on plants that require less water, with restaurants using cacti and succulents and what seemed like every single flower shop offering a wide variety of cacti and hanging plants. Macrame is coming back, both vintage and brand new, and there will always be something quintessentially seventies about walking along Malibu Beach– especially at sunset, when those gorgeous pink colors come out and continue to inspire us all.

Daisy's Tips sunset beachMolly Beauchemin

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