Daisy’s Tips: Keep a Garden Journal

Most seasoned gardeners keep a detailed journal of what they plant, how things grow, weather conditions, and soil conditions alongside other personal preferences, and the new year is a good time to think about starting one. One can find many famous Garden Journals housed by the Royal Horticultural Society and The National Trust in London, but the practice continues into the modern day.

The Garden Journal is an important place to pass down information and foster creativity. I kept a garden journal for years but took a break about two years ago. Now, I am feeling re-energized and ready to dive back into my green book… My journal is more than just a documentation of the garden– I keep records of flowers shops, gardens to visit and those I visited, photos of garden inspiration, dried flowers, and leaves. To me, it is really a collage of all things garden. (I wish I could be more disciplined with my entries but that is just not my personality… I like chaos within the structure!)

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Garden Journal 2

I personally like the Christian Lacroix Les 4 Saisons notebook (which mirrors the changing seasons in its pages)— but there is a movement towards digital, so for those looking for a paperless option, check out Evernote online. However you decide to document it, your garden will benefit from your renewed attention to the detail and the lessons your journal can teach you for many years to come.

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