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Make This DIY Patriotic Tablescape (With Red, White, and Blue Flowers)

Independence Day marks a particular period in the summer when flowers, fresh food, and endless opportunities to explore and spend time with family all reign supreme. Kids and adults alike get into the summer spirit as it starts to cohere around July 4th, which is the best time of year to enjoy a meal outdoors with loved ones and friends. We found this feature on how to style a patriotic tablescape on The Knot‘s new home-decor page, The Nest, and we love the idea of making something out of red, white, and blue flowers styled to look elegant, like a messy firework. Check out this DIY by Rebecca Gallop // The Daily Something, below.

Parades filled with marching veterans and blaring sirens, the smell of barbecues throughout town, and flags rippling in the wind on porches…Memorial Day marks the season of outdoor entertaining and for these warm-weather holiday tablescapes, I err on the side of simple and subtle with a laid-back appeal. It’s a time of remembrance and celebration, so here’s how you can make an understated patriotic table and floral arrangement.

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  • Vintage canning sieve/other vessel
  • Small, shallow bowl that will fit in sieve
  • Water
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Flowers and greens


  1. Fill bowl ½ full with warm water.
  2. With your masking tape, begin constructing a grid over the top of the bowl. The grid helps to hold the stems in place, especially since the bowl is so shallow. Then, poke holes into the tape to make lots of openings for flower stems.
  3. Place your bowl into the sieve and onto a stand.

I wanted my designs to look like assorted fireworks: white droopy wisteria, bursts of color from bright red-orange poppies, some starry blue, white daisies and assorted greenery, such as gingko leaves.

Begin to place sturdier stems and greenery into grid, cutting stems at appropriate lengths for the type of arrangement you’re making. Shorter for a rounder, fuller arrangement, longer for a more wild arrangement with some height.


If your floral piece is going to be seen from all sides, make sure you continually rotate it as you work, so you don’t have a one-sided design.

After you have a nice base of greenery and sturdier stemmed flowers, fill in with more delicate blooms and other foliage.

The red, white and blue theme of the flowers makes it ideal for a laid-back summer party that’s patriotic.


Fill empty mason jars or simple vases with any extra flowers and greens you have after your main arrangement is complete.

via The Nest


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