Andreana Bitsis

Which Major City Has The Most Nature?

With Earth Day (April 22nd) on the horizon, the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County are hosting a friendly competition to see which major American city can spot the most nature.

The City Nature Challenge takes place between April 14 through the 18th, and since last year it has expanded to include 14 new cities (among them: New York, Austin, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Miami), in addition to the original duo, Los Angeles and the Bay Area (which capitalized on the great NorCal/SoCal rivalry).

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Over the course of the four days, participants are invited to submit pictures of any and all species they run across while out exploring nature– whether that’s in a city park or your own backyard.

To find out more, or to submit your findings, visit the City Nature Challenge 2017 website.

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