diy origami planters diy origami planters
Andreana Bitsis

Make These Adorable Origami Planters For Your Air Plants

Now is time of year when everything starts turning brown and nature begins its annual retreat. In the spirit of surrounding ourselves with whatever green we can get, we decided to make tiny origami planters and fill them with air plants. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is a fun way for Lil’ Sprouts to experience the art and beauty of other cultures, while making something they can be proud of. This mini DIY garden project is a perfect rainy afternoon craft and the results look adorable set along bookcases, or anywhere else that might need a little extra organic life as winter sets in.


Andreana Bitsis

Nearly indestructible, air plants (Tillandsia) are a strange genus of plants that can grow without dirt, making them an ideal complement to art projects. (All they need is to be soaked in water once a week for an hour and then dried– that’s it.) They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, so Lil’ Sprouts can really get specific with what look they like.

For our origami planter, we followed along with Leyla Torres— but of course there are plenty of other shapes out there. Just be sure to look for tutorials that leave an opening at the top for the plant. On your mark, get set, fold!


Andreana Bitsis
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