Andreana Bitsis

These Seedlings Look Good on Paper

DIY origami planters are so easy they practically make themselves.

No matter what season it happens to be, we’re always looking for ways to be a little kinder to the earth (and not just on Earth Day). With spring arriving, we’re getting our gardens ready by sprouting seedlings.

We’ve covered creative seedling planters in the past, but this time, we’re using old newspapers and leftover craft paper to make boxes of different sizes. The paper helps keep the soil damp for little seeds, and if there aren’t dyes or other harmful ingredients in the mix, you can place the paper directly in ground when the seedlings are ready.

Paper Planter

Andreana Bitsis


  • Leftover paper or newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Dirt
  • Seeds

Paper Planter

Andreana Bitsis


Begin by cutting a square– it can be as big or small as you would like, depending on how many seeds you will be planting. Crease the square along its diagonals, and then fold all the corners into the center, creasing the edges again. For subsequent steps, follow along with our GIF, below.


Andreana Bitsis
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