This Rainbow Eucalyptus is Garden #Goals

Color, color, everywhere!

The unicorn food trend has been having a moment for a while, and now nature has decided to join in. Eucalyptus deglupta, otherwise known as Rainbow Eucalyptus, is a variety of eucalyptus that looks like it was designed by Lisa Frank or just completed a paint run.

The bark is striated with different bright shades of greens, blues, pinks, and oranges– the result of a cycle of exfoliation, shedding, and oxidation that occurs as the bark ages.

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Unlike other eucalyptuses, Rainbow Eucalyptus isn’t native to Australia– it originates in the Phillipine Islands, and grows in the surrounding areas of New Britain and New Guinea, with some trees growing in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, though, like all other eucalyptuses, Rainbow Eucalyptus is not native the United States, and in many places is considered an invasive species. (Which means you may be asked to cut one down if you try to grow it yourself.) For now, Rainbow Eucalyptus will simply have to live on in your moodboard.

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