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Andreana Bitsis

Spread Some Christmas Cheer With Jackson & Perkins’ Holiday Pine Centerpieces

Jackson & Perkins’ holiday pine centerpieces are a festive and fun way to incorporate the botanical elements of the season into any home or event in need of a little holiday cheer.


Andreana Bitsis

When it comes to table decor, the sleek pre-fab design incorporates the traditional elements of pine, pinecones, holly, and evergreen into an unassuming arrangement that is easy to care for and requires little maintenance (it’s also low-pollen, which is great for year-round allergy sufferers, and it comes in a neutral holiday color scheme likely to match any interior design concept). Because pine and other evergreen elements are naturally aromatherapeutic, the centerpiece imbues small spaces with a freshness that can only come from the real thing. Coniferous plants are also celebrated for their longevity, and this holiday centerpiece is guaranteed to last the entire season without showing signs of wear– a boon to the low-maintenance crowd.


Andreana Bitsis


Pre-made centerpieces are an easy way to bring cheer into even the most under-decorated of rooms, and we like this offering from Jackson & Perkins because it does the work for us. Try bringing a pine arrangement to your next holiday gathering as a gift instead of wine, or place one on your doorstep in addition to the holiday table, as the baskets can withstand colder temperatures (until, that is, it starts to snow).

To order your holiday centerpiece, visit Jackson & Perkins online.

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