Andreana Bitsis

Studies Show That Kids Who Garden Enjoy More Health Benefits As Adults

While the connection between being close to the earth and a healthy lifestyle seems self-evident, the science backing up those intuitive claims is only just beginning to surface. (Fortunately, it’s also confirming many long-held assumptions.) As school was beginning last year, Dan Nosowitz at Modern Farmer wrote about a new study released that finds a substantive connection between early gardening habits and healthy eating choices later in life. As Nosowitz writes:

“The study was simple: A survey of 1,351 college students looked at their fruit and vegetable intake and compared it with whether the student had participated in gardening as a child. But the findings were stark: Those who had gardened as children consumed about 15 percent more fruits and vegetables than those who hadn’t.”

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Want to get your kid involved with gardening but not sure where to start? Taking a cutting of a geranium is an easy (and almost disaster proof) first step. If you’re short on space, making paper planters for air plants still offers a sense of the outdoors.

Read the rest of the study at Modern Farmer.

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