This Summer, Listen To Music In Some of NYC’s Lesser-Known Parks

With the weather starting to take a better turn, Sing for Hope Pianos is encouraging people to get outside and enjoy live music in public park space.

From June 5th to June 25th, Sing for Hope will have pianos installed across New York City public spaces, and throughout the five boroughs. (Yes, even Staten Island.) The pianos will be available to anyone to play, with the idea of encouraging community, individual expression, and free public art. As a larger organization, Sing for Hope aims to bring the arts to New York City residents; despite NYC being one of the cultural capitals of the world, many of those cultural resources remain inaccessible. (See: tickets for the musical Hamilton.)

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Each piano is decorated by a different artist, and all have their own distinct vibe. Some are themed after current Broadway shows (like Beautiful: The Carole King Musical), others are simply the artist’s personal passions (like a penguin piano on the waterfront of the Upper East Side). Once all the pianos are placed, NYC will be the city with the most street pianos in the world.

Visitors can look for pianos at destinations like Queens County Farm Museum (make an afternoon of it!) as well as tucked away in community gardens. (You can find a complete list of pianos and their locations here.) When the pianos have finished their NYC tour, they’ll be donated to various public schools, where they can continue to encourage creativity.

To learn more about Sing for Hope, visit their website.

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