Andreana Bitsis

We Tried This: Egg Shell Planters

Here at Garden Collage we’re all about the compostable vessel. Previously, we experimented with using citrus rinds to make tiny, sweet-smelling pots for house plants, so in our latest DIY project we wanted to take that idea to the next level with a concept that has been circulating for a while now: egg shell planters.

At first, we were reluctant to embrace this compostable planter for fear that the eggs would smell or somehow attract rodents, so before we used them we took care to rinse out the eggshells with a light antiseptic solution (dish soap is fine; just make sure to thoroughly remove all traces of soap before adding the dirt– rinse them gently with water so that they don’t crack).

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Then, we labeled each shell with the name of the herbs we planted and saved the egg carton for easy transport between sill and soil. Once the weather warms up further these eggshell “pots” can be transplanted directly into the ground (the shell is compostable). This way, there’s no need to dirty a vessel and we’ve also saved some compostable items from the landfill. The result is a cute little organic herb planter that works well for kids’ projects while still appealing to adults.

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