Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

Wayside Gardens’ Napa Planter is a Super Cute Staple For Spring Flowers

We love this patina-rich pot.

Spring is one of the most hopeful and abundant times of year, with new plants popping up in public parks and green spaces across the country. Less exciting (and sometimes more daunting) is the task presented to those who are looking to grow flowers in a small space, like an apartment, fire escape, or rooftop. Cue Wayside GardensTeak Napa Bowl— a beautiful, elegant planter that makes young flowers look robust and elegant.

The Napa Bowl is made of ArtStone– a durable, crack- and fade-resistant stone and resin composite that masters both form and function (it looks rustic and refined, but its also sturdy enough to withstand the elements and make container gardening look easy). At 10 inches tall and about 15 inches wide at the top, the bowed vessel is an excellent choice for larger plants with deep roots, or lovely, low-growing flowers (like our favorite annual mix of Mom’s Chosen One petunias).

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Photo: Andreana Bitsis | Styling: Jessy Scarpone

With a nice patina and durable heft, we like this planter because it blends in with all styles– vintage and modern– and it looks as good on a rooftop terrace as it does on a suburban stoop.

Simply fill containers with rich potting soil, let the plants acclimate according to the plant’s care card, and give the plants a generous watering before putting the vessel in full sun. At first the plants will be lean (like ours above), and as Spring progresses, soon the pot will be filled with beautiful blooms!

For more information on Wayside Gardens and their excellent selection of annuals, visit the company’s website. (For Annual Plant shipping schedules, consult Wayside’s Shipping Zone Guide.)

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