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Photo: Caterina Rancho

This Italian Paradise In Mexico Offers The Ultimate #Wanderlust

Posada Margherita is one of those hidden oases that’s so unbelievably cool, it seems made up. Located near a national park that’s a refuge for sea turtles, Posada Margherita is a perfect slice of Italy that just so happens to be located on a secluded beach in Tulum, Mexico.

“My husband Alessandro Carozzino is originally from a small village near Genoa in Italy,” Daria Hines (who runs the bespoke boutique at Posada Margherita) told GC. “Eighteen years ago, he came here to go diving with his best friend, Federico Paterniti, who is a chef. They decided to stay and build this.”

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The “this” in question is an eight room hotel accompanied by a delicious Italian restaurant– an odd mixing of seafront cultures that just works. The space has an antique, slightly hodge-podge vibe about it, quilted together in patches with natural elements. Plants are scattered across every surface, trees crown together overhead, and as a result everything is suffused in a pale green light. “Alessandro’s very first business when he was younger in Italy was a flower shop– he loves plants and flowers. That’s the reason this garden is so special,” Daria reflected.


Photo: Caterina Rancho

Beyond Alessandro’s curation, Posada Margherita takes its design cues from Designer Axel Vervoordt, whose inspiration came from the Japanese tradition of Wabi-sabi. “In Wabi-sabi, a thing does not have a perfect condition but is instead in a process of living and shows traces of its history,” Daria explained to GC. “Because of that, a lot of things we have here are from flea markets and from all over the world– like our guests.”

But of course, even paradise has its challenges. The soil along the beach isn’t nearly as rich and nutritional as the dirt in the jungle; it’s nearly impossible to grow anything lush and green in the dry sand. Even this, though, comes with a silver lining: all the plants are housed in pots, which gives the space a Mediterranean look nonetheless, akin to potted flora of Santorini (a place which has a similarly challenging soil situation).

Ask what their plans are for the future of the hotel, Daria offered: “[My husband, Alessandro] grows more plants, buys more pots. He builds a new casita on the beach with some shelves to put plants in, where people can relax in. In every low season, [Alessandro and Federico] are always changing. They are very satisfied with what they have, they never stop but don´t have a special goal. That´s part of the philosophy of Wabi-sabi.”

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