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Organic Spa, Local Food, Incredible View: Austria’s Hotel Post Bezau Has It All

Behind the scenes at Susanne Kaufmann's gorgeous wellness hotel in Bezau, Austria.

Situated deep in the Bregenzer Forest– a unique valley in the Austrian Alps where herbal healing is an age-old tradition– Hotel Post Bezau offers a serene getaway that’s as picturesque as it is peaceful. And now, it is quickly becoming known as one of the most charming wellness spas in the Alps.

The fifth-generation hotel and spa is currently helmed by natural skin care innovator Susanne Kaufmann, who conceived the spa as a place where nature, wellness, and culture collide.

The property is now home to a variety of nature-inspired features and amenities, including an on-site gourmet restaurant featuring the best of regional cuisine; a chestnut garden; a sunbathing meadow; a bathhouse and sun deck; a garden sauna; an aromatic herb garden; a yoga studio with the most stunning view of the mountains; and world-class indoor and outdoor tennis facilities used by the European Tennis Academy.

Image Courtesy of Hotel Post Bezau

The hotel has 58 rooms and suites that are uniquely designed to incorporate natural materials that are found in the Bregenzerwald area, from wood and leather features to pine-stuffed pillows to felt and hand-woven linen accouterments that give each room an elegant, minimalist feel– but perhaps the biggest draw is the incredible on-site spa and bathhouse, helmed by Kaufmann herself.

Capitalizing on the abundance of Alpine plants to create innovative modern treatments, the Susanne Kaufmann Spa is staffed by a team of pharmacists and dermatologists who combine local healing traditions with Eastern wellness philosophy. All treatments are plant-based using over 60 products from Kaufmann’s signature line, from the innovative St. John’s Wort Calming Bath Salts to the luxurious Nutrient Concentrate, which contains essences of marigold and thistle oil.

Image Courtesy of Hotel Post Bezau

The spa itself has an almost Feng shui devotion to incorporating natural elements into the decor: brilliant glass walls emit abundant mountain sunshine, and open-air sunroofs infuse the kind of fresh Alpine air that visitors to the area rave about. Those interested in all-natural skin care will love getting their treatments straight from the source.

And then, of course, there’s the view.

Image Courtesy of Hotel Post Bezau

Austria is renowned for its beautiful mountain vistas and super clean air, and at Hotel Post Bezau, guests can enjoy both without even having to leave the comfort of their bedrooms (though with thousands of miles of biking, running, and hiking trails at the hotel’s disposal, they’ll definitely want to).

Guests can participate in hotel organized activities or venture out on their own– time seems to stand still here, and the days culminate in the longest, most dazzling sunsets that last, in the summer, until around 9 PM.

Image Courtesy of Hotel Post Bezau

The bathing pools, like the rest of the property, look out onto the mountains and feature a suite of innovative features, including a brine pool, a whirlpool, infused saunas, and a rotating cast of alkaline peels and other daily offerings that take place in the steam bath.

Back at the spa, travel skin care kits and hand soaps, divine smelling lotions and anti-aging teas line the shelves in the main foyer, which branches off into treatment rooms where guests can receive medicinal healing baths, body wraps, massages, facials, pedicures, scalp treatments, and a dozens of other healing treatments experienced in conjunction with the baths. The exhaustive spa menu reads like a wellness obsessive’s daydream: alkaline facials, Dorn Breuss massage, Mallow blossom bubble baths, and more.

Image Courtesy of Hotel Post Bezau

The hotel also offers yoga and Qi Gong in some of the most beautiful glass-walled rooms we’ve ever seen– a feature that is pulled through to the conference rooms with the same view.

Overall, from the Susanne Kaufmann Spa to the stunning views outside every window on the property, the inherent joy of Hotel Post Bezau is that every aspect begins and ends with nature– and for a wellness resort in the Alps, that’s exactly how it should be.

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