Inside Berlin’s Königliche Gartenakademie: A Nursery, Café, and Design Studio All in One

Berlin’s Royal Garden Academy is not your typical nursery: nestled in the heart of Berlin, the Academy is a cross between a nursery, a café, a design studio, and a gardening school that attracts foodie aesthetes and nature-lovers alike. Königliche Gartenakademie has a gorgeous glass facade that looks like a cross between a greenhouse and Copenhagen’s famed Torvehallerne Market, with gathering spaces for a variety of activities that make it a top “green” destination in central Europe.

Garden Collage spoke with Gartenakademie co-Founders Gabriella Pape and Isabelle Van Groeningen about the inspiration behind the project. Below, they discuss the legacy of the German garden they’ve designed for the Academy and the annual Japanese Garden Exhibit that’s currently on display through May 15.

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