Traveling for the Holidays? Atlanta’s Airport Is Where It’s At

It’s not often that you want to spend time in airport– usually the idea is to get out as quickly as possible. But recently, several airports have made efforts to turn their spaces into more welcoming, enjoyable ones. (SFO even boasts a meditation space.)

The latest in the these efforts is “Flight Paths,” which opened this month at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport– otherwise known as the world’s busiest airport or that place you probably had your layover. Installed between terminals A and B, “Flight Paths” is a 450 foot underground walkway composed of 13,000 leaves and 24,000 LED lights designed to look like a futuristic, neon forest. In addition to the visual component, visitors can keep a ear out for a soundscape of 20 different bird calls. The melding of technology and nature makes for a invigorating change from the rest of the airport– and lets you start your vacation just a little bit earlier.

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