Caterina Rancho

Visiting Lima? Be Sure To Stop at Plantique

Steps from the Pacific ocean on the coast of Lima, Peru, Plantique is like a Pinterest board come to life– in the best way, of course. Located in Barranco, the bohemian enclave in Lima, Plantique offers the kind of breezy, sunny botanical home decor that speaks to the growing trend of living more in harmony with nature. The restored colonial building that houses the shop and offices is part art gallery, part studio, artfully-studded with green such that it has an almost restorative, meditative quality. Modern furniture, plant installations, and art pieces share the space in an artful balance that feels comfortably full without venturing into cluttered.


Caterina Rancho

The founders of Plantique, Mariana Lets and Diana Arce, come from different backgrounds: Mariana from an artistic family, Diana from a place of landscape and design. But it is the meeting of those two that makes Plantique such a pleasant, sensory experience. Lima is a narrowly built city with few green spaces, and what backyards do exist are usually small. It is Mariana and Diana’s hope that they can encourage more nature in people’s lives through their shop and services.

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Caterina Rancho

Their work– which ranges from custom terrariums to simple potted plants– is locally sourced. The two frequently walk through nature and collect natural materials like stones, sand, woods, and roots to create their pieces. The more industrial pieces– like their braided baskets– their source from local, indigenous communities in Peru.

“Plantique also offers a ‘plant clinic’ where concerned plant owners can bring their beloved to receive advice and care.”

Plantique also offers more landscape-like services, for indoor and outdoor spaces alike. (With their workshops, the space also functions as a community space where Lima residents can embrace a life more in tune with the world outside.) To further entrench themselves in the community, Plantique also offers a “plant clinic” where concerned plant owners can bring their beloved to receive advice and care.

In short, Plantique is exactly the kind of aspirational modern living that’s been trending in recent years, one that brings the best of modern living to the timelessness of nature. Something we at GC can always get behind!

For more information on Plantique, visit the shop’s website.

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