Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Is “Pollinator Friendly” The New “Fair Trade”?

The “Fair Trade” designation is now fairly well established in the groceries aisles in America, its simple logo a familiar presence on coffee and chocolates. Seeing the mark promises safe working conditions and environmental responsibility– in short, practices that empower the communities working to bring those products to the stores.

But what about the other workers essential to production? What “Fair Trade” has done for workers rights, the Xerces Society is hoping to do for pollinators through their new “Bee Better” certification developed with Oregon Tilth. For now, a version of the label (“Pollinator Friendly”) exists on Whole Foods’ 365 almonds and almond butter (almonds being on of the most crops left most vulnerable by declining bee populations), but the full “Bee Better” certification is expected roll out late this June.

Photo: Andreana Bitsis

Since 1971, the Xerces Society has been protecting “endangered species and their habitats” through the publication of research, trainings, and public awareness campaigns.

To learn more about the Xerces Society or the Bee Better certification, visit their website


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