40 Botanical Nail Artists You Need To Check Out Immediately

Because nature-inspired nails are all the rage right now

Nail art has become an internet phenomena in recent years. Blame it on fashion icons like Rihanna and Katy Perry popularizing the trend, or on the rise of eco-friendly nail salons around the country, but one this is for sure: nail designs are getting cooler by the minute. And of these emerging and avant-garde nail designs, floral and botanical nail art has risen to the fore.

Like botanical makeup, botanical manicures are equal parts fashion statement and artistic exploration– and they are more popular than ever. Part-time nail artists and Instagram sensations alike are looking to everything from poppies to palm trees for inspiration and new patterns to paint across every pointer and pinky they come across. Color-wise, flowers make an excellent muse: floral tones are bright and poppy, connoting spring and the idea of effortless beauty in equal measure. What better way to stay on trend than to mirror the colors of the seasons? Flowers, as ever, do this better than almost any other subject (not that we don’t love celebrity nail caricatures, though.)

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Our favorite flower-colored nail lacquer, Flora 1761, and a suite of other new, eco-conscious nail polish lines have also bolstered the trend, offering rich tones that accurately approximate the true “red” of a poppy, or the subtle “pink” of a camellia, for example.

Above and below, we’ve spotlighted dozens of our favorite nail artists who we think are doing right by florals. From Boston’s Nina Park to Singapore’s Annabel Lee, each artist manages to capture the same awe and wonder on their tiny canvas– the nail bed– that we experience in the natural world they depict. Inspired? We thought so.

Scroll through the galleries above and below to check out some more of our favorite botanical nail designs for Fall 2017.



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